Affirm8tion Shaving Serum

Affirm8tion Shaving Serum

Affirm8tion Shaving Serum is an all-natural, plant-based, and effective two-in-one shaving solution.
Specially formulated for the beard as well as the skin around the area, the serum serves as both a shaving gel and aftershave with its unique hydrating formula.


We’ve carefully selected only the best, 100% natural ingredients to ensure your skin is hydrated
and fed with the nutrients it needs for a smooth, comfortable finish after each shave.

Our unique formula contains all the right ingredients to fight uncomfortable pseudofolliculitis and
ingrown hairs caused by shaving, while the eucalyptus effectively heals the skin from razor nicks and cuts.


  • Ingredients

    Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Coconaise Oil, Vitamin A, Provitamin B, Ginger Extract.

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